Lady Fozaza

Lady Fozaza was born on the 10th of July 2011. Anound introduces the line in the form of a limited edition collection of statement blazers that are already garnering rave reviews from the fashion crazed. 'If their is one style i can always fall back on!Its the Blazer and jeans style...Jeans for its never ending story with fashion and...The Blazer, for its timeless elegance and molding ability, you just cant go wrong! its as timeless and addictive as the jeans if not more at times! It also embarks a statement!' –Alanoud Badr. Blazers are the accessories that everyone seem to be taking for granted! . 'A woman who wears Lady Fozaza blazers, is confident, fearless and independent, a woman who is at her core''- Alaanoud Badr.